Monday, December 24, 2018

Successful People Build Their Skill Set!

You can't be successful without a required skill set in your field of work, regardless of whether it's studying for a Ph.D. degree, becoming a software engineer, or training to be a professional athlete.
How do you build your skill set?
·  First, identify which skills are necessary for you to succeed in doing your job. 
   Write a list of all the skills you need. Don't only think about building hard skills, but soft skills too.

·    Second, work on developing your skills. 
  This will take time. Start with skills you think will be most valuable to you, then create a plan to devote a certain amount of time each day, even if that means only 15 minutes in the beginning.

·   Third, keep practicing each skill consistently. You may have heard about the 10,000 hour rule because many people swear by it. You can also try to adhere to it, but don't only be focused on the numbers. It's not just how many hours you put in. It's also about what you do during that time. 
    Are you doing deep work?

Deep work is focusing without interruptions on something that takes a lot of analytical thinking, and it is essential to master the skills you are working on.

- Nela Canovic

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