Monday, December 31, 2018

Successful People Make Small Changes To Get Big Results!

As you set out to make actual changes in your life, start small.

Wall Street executive Caroline Arnold, author of Small Move, Big Change, advises that if you focus on “micro-resolutions”—small, targeted, behavioral changes—you’re much more likely to succeed in improving your life. 

For example, when Arnold set out to “get in shape,” she focused on one small behavioral change—walking to work instead of taking the train. And she only committed to doing this once a week, on Mondays. Eventually it became a habit, and now she walks to work every day. So why not just resolve to walk to work every day to begin with? 

By holding yourself to that higher standard, your chances of failure are greatly increased, Arnold says. 

Bottom line: Resist the urge to try to change too much, too quickly. Begin, instead, by asking, What if I made one small change?

- Warren Berger

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