Thursday, April 18, 2019

Successful People Use Their Prime-Time Effectively!

Your internal prime-time is the time of day when you are the most alert and most productive, according to your body clock. So, organise your life so that you’re doing creative work during your internal prime-time.

For most people this time of highest performance is in the morning after resting the whole night. For some people, however, it’s in the evening.

Occasionally a writer or a creative person might find that their prime-time is in the early hours of the morning. Some people actually work all night and then sleep in the morning.

So it’s important that you’d be aware of your internal prime-time, when you function at your best, so that you could schedule your most important projects accordingly to increase your productivity.

Your most important work usually requires that you’d be at your best: rested, alert and creative.

What time of the day do most of you feel the very best and have the most energy?

You must also be aware of what is called external prime-time. This is the time when your clients and customers are most available. Each person should give some thought to structure in their day for both external and internal prime-time.

Brian Tracy (modified by Amr Badran)

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