Thursday, May 2, 2019

Successful People Always Listen To The "Little Voice" in Their Heads!

Should you take the raise or move jobs? Should you stay in this marriage or end it? Should you do what you love or do what other people want you to do? All of these hypotheticals have two sides: what you feel like you should do, and what that "little voice" inside genuinely wants you to do.

We can all hear that little voice. We know what it sounds like. We can recognize when it raises its hand to speak. And yet, so often we struggle to actually follow through and heed its direction.


Because there is a much louder voice that bombards us with big promises and shiny objects and glorified achievements. We let our ego get in the way, when deep down we know what it is we truly want.

The reason why this is such a challenge for people to learn and accept--and why it often times takes a lifetime--is because the ego always promises safety. The ego promises avoidance of hurt, it promises instant gratification, and it promises acceptance.

That's why we take the corporate gig instead of traveling the world, or we write someone else's book instead of writing our own. The ego's road isn't vulnerable, or scary. It's nice, safe, and secure.

The problem is that, sometime down the road, usually in a moment of quiet, that "little voice" will raise its hand again and ask to be heard. And the more you ignore it, the more it will rumble beneath the surface. This, I believe, is one of the big contributing factors to the infamous "mid-life crisis."

How else could you possibly wake up and question every aspect of your life?

You wouldn't.

There would be no crisis at all.

Honor yourself. Listen to that "little voice." Trust it.

Your heart will never guide you wrong.

- Nicolas Cole (modified by Amr Badran)

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