Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Successful People Practice Gratitude and Positive Self Talk!

Being grateful and focusing on the positive seems to be a common priority in the lives of the highly successful.
Something truly amazing that the best-selling author and neuroscientist Joe Dispenza shared with me is:
"If you’re saying affirmations like, 'I am abundant, I am wonderful, I am unstoppable,' but your emotional state is in fear, then your body is in opposition.
Thoughts are the language of the brain and feelings are the language of the body. Those thoughts will bounce off because they aren’t equal to the emotions of fear.
If a person feels gratitude, and has practiced it over and over authentically and they say affirmations like, 'I am wonderful, I am incredible, I am unstoppable' and so on… and it aligns with their autonomic nervous system then this is where the real power comes into play."
Gratitudes are powerful, and a lot of people nowadays are catching on to this.
Actions Step: Practice three gratitudes a day between you and a friend or spouse, or just by yourself. Whatever helps you to stick to this positive habit.
But ... here's the key with sharing your gratitudes:
You must justify why you are grateful, this strengthens the affect.
So when you say your gratitude, do it this way:
"I am grateful for having my spouse in my life because, he/she always supports me and encourages me to follow my dreams no matter what."
This reminds you why and has a deeper affect in you than just a surface level statement.

- Excerpt from an article by Joel Brown

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