Sunday, January 12, 2020

Successful People Take a Vacation!

If you can't take a vacation, at least a 10-minute break 
from your screen!
If you can, take a vacation: recharge, let loose, and revitalize your mind. Science says it's the equivalent hitting the reset button on your brain: it destroys stress and gives you a much-needed fresh perspective to create sweeping change.
If you can't head to a vacation spot today, don't worry - just take a break! A Cornell University study from 2009 shows that workers who followed automated reminders to take a break from their computer screens were 13% more accurate in their work after returning.
Researchers also suggest to meditate in a quiet space or even take a walk - preferably in the fresh air if possible. Not only will your eyeballs appreciate it, your mind will have a chance to recharge.

- Derived from an article titled "7 Steps to Radically Improve Your Entire Life" by Elle Kaplan

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