Sunday, October 11, 2020

Very Successful People Put Others First!

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Napoleon Hill, the renowned self-help author, interviewed some of the most successful people in the United States decades ago. He found that almost without exception the very successful people focus on helping others get what they want.

It was that singular and fanatical focus on the customer that made these men and women successful.

When people only do their jobs because of the money; they usually lead poor lives.

Find a way to make money helping other people get what they want and you’ll have more business than you can handle.

If you are employed by someone else. The quickest way to your promotion is to follow the “ABH” rule — Always Be Helping!

If you are looking for one word to summarize how the very successful think; it is humility. A truly humble person asks questions, is of service, treats others with dignity, keeps his eye on the ball, has patience and is willing to do the work.

Above all, a humble person values himself and all other humans equally. He respects his own gifts and those of others. As a result he is open to the utmost this life has to offer. 

- Derived from an article titled “7 Ways Rich People Think Differently Than the Rest of Us” by Neal Frankle

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