Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Successful People Are Insightful!


There are two types of knowledge—explicit and implicit (or tacit). 

Explicit knowledge is the kind people gain from reading books and going to school—factual stuff. 

Implicit knowledge is what we achieve through observing and experiencing—things that can’t really be taught.

Both types of knowledge are important to help guide decisions or choose particular pathways.

A hunch may be an uninformed guess—worth as much as flipping a coin—or it may be based on in-depth explicit and implicit knowledge—and insight!

We all have insight to varying degrees, yet some are better than others at being open to hearing those inner voices. Making use of this knowledge depends on your ability to access this information and trust in yourself.

Having insight involves integrating explicit and implicit knowledge with an understanding of social situations and emotions, both yours and others'.

Insightful people have higher emotional and social intelligence—being able to “read” people and understand unspoken issues in a social situation.

Successful people seek knowledge and experiences and make the best use of their insight.

- Derived from an article titled “8 Habits of Highly Lucky People” by Neil Farber M.D, Ph.D

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