Sunday, February 10, 2019

Successful People Redefine What Failure Means To Them!

Intellectually we know that our mistakes yield the opportunities and insights we need to ultimately succeed in life.
So when rejections come, or the boss says no, or you lose the financing, house, or whatever it is that you wanted, slow down and notice what isn’t working!
Stop focusing on all the ways you’re screwed, and start thinking about the information that failure offers.
It’s usually telling us to find a new way, or to redirect our energies.
Perhaps it’s there to remind us of our commitment level, to reestablish our dedication.
When we can identify what isn’t working—instead of becoming identified with the pain of our failure—we can start on the solution, the new approach, the next big thing that will carry us in the direction we want to go.
When I was having a hard time selling magazine pieces, I experienced the disappointment of each rejection. Then I began looking at the things that were keeping me from the acceptance letters.
While I had strong ideas, I wasn't all that good at writing pitches, I discovered. So I took a class and worked with a coach who helped me hone that skill, and I've been selling my work ever since. 
- Polly Campbell (modified by Amr Badran)

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