Monday, November 2, 2020

Successful People Are Mindful!

Mindfulness is being non-judgmentally alert and aware of what’s going on around you as well as inside you—how you’re thinking and feeling.

Mindfulness occurs on a moment-by-moment basis. When you are operating mindlessly, on auto-pilot, you are unlikely to observe opportunities or take advantage of a situation.

One important key to happiness, and a key factor in becoming successful, is developing a mindfulness mindset.

How will you find that $100 bill stuck in a tiny place, or know whether to make a successful deal when your counterpart has a clear predilection for acceptance, if you don’t have a keen sense of situational awareness?


  - Derived from an article titled “8 Habits of Highly Lucky People” by Neil Farber M.D, Ph.D



Sunday, November 1, 2020

Successful People Treat Others with Respect

Successful People are typically respectful of others. 

Rather than focus on your own success first, help others develop and shine by respecting their strengths and talents.

Remember that to give respect is to get respect.

People with high emotional intelligence are usually successful in most things they do. Because they have a deep understanding of self, they make others feel good about themselves, and they go through life with much more ease and enthusiasm.  

 - Derived from an article titled “7 Ways You Can Unlock Your Hidden Emotional Intelligence” by Lolly Daskal

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