Tuesday, October 26, 2021

The Essential Traits of an Effective Manager!

A. Delivers on commitments—financial or otherwise—and shares the organization's values?

“His or her future is an easy call; onward and upward.”

B. Does not meet commitments and does not share the organization's values?

“Not as pleasant a call, but equally easy; out.”

C. Misses commitments but shares the values?

“He or she usually gets a second chance, preferably in a different environment.”

D. Delivers on commitments but does not subscribe to the organization's values? 

What happens to managers who deliver the numbers but do not live the organization's values?

"They get fired."

"Questions answered by Jack Welch"

* Derived from the book "29 Leadership Secrets From Jack Welch", 

  by Robert Slater


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Loosen Control!

  The world is moving at such a pace that control has become a limitation. It slows you down. Loosen, not lose.   - Jack Welch