Sunday, April 14, 2019

Successful People Prepare In Advance!

You know the old saying “Proper Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance”. The 6 P’s!

Prepare your work-list for following day the evening or night before. The last thing you do at the end of the day is you layout the day that’s coming. The best exercise is for you to plan the entire next day as the last thing you do before coming home from work.

When you plan the day the night before you subconscious mind then goes to work on your plans and goals while you’re asleep. Very often you wake up in the morning with ideas and insights that apply to the work of the day.

Now the major benefit of preparing your daily list the night before is that this exercise lets you sleep more soundly. A major reason for insomnia is people lying awake trying not to forget to remember everything that they have to do the following day. But ones you’ve written down everything you have to do on the list, it clears your mind and enables you to sleep deeply. 

This practice will help you increase your productivity throughout the whole next day of work because you will be more relaxed and more refreshed.

Brian Tracy (minor modifications by Amr Badran)

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