Thursday, March 5, 2020

Successful People Accept Things, or Let Them Go!

With everything in our lives, whether positive or negative, we have two choices: to accept it or let it go.
Accepting it means accepting the negative source to the point where we can begin to move through it. It doesn’t mean we are committed to allowing the negative energy to remain in and influence our lives.
Accepting it means handling the challenge and creating change.
When negative energy surrounds us, it’s obvious that change is needed. That doesn’t mean change will immediately occur or solve the problem.
If the negativity persists, we may see that it has become a toxic cycle that no longer serves us, and have to come to terms with letting it go. In the end, we have to do what is right for us and our mental well-being and overall happiness.
It isn’t easy to let go of things that used to matter, yet when they aren’t serving our highest good anymore and possibly even harming us, what choice do we have?

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