Thursday, October 1, 2020

Successful People Ask The Right Questions!

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You don’t have to be a genius to ask the right questions.

You just can’t be lazy. That’s because it takes work to get all the answers to the many questions you have to ask in order to really understand a given situation.

It’s much faster and easier to ask a few irrelevant questions and then steam ahead than to sit down and really ask all the important questions.

Let’s say you are thinking about a major decision. A quick approach might be to consider a few superficial questions that just reinforce your preconceived notions. But a “successful thinking” approach would include such tough questions as:

·         What do we really want?

·         Why do we want it?

·         What are all the alternatives?

·         What are the pros and cons to each approach?

·         When do we want to have this in place?

·         Why?

·         Is there another way to reach our goals without doing this or at a lower cost?

·         What happens if we do this?

·         What happens if we don’t do this?

·         What other questions have we forgotten to ask?

You can see which method is harder but leads to far better results. Successful folks aren’t afraid to ask the right questions and then do whatever it takes to get the answers. 

- Derived from an article titled “7 Ways Rich People Think Differently Than the Rest of Us” by Neal Frankle

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